Discover Panama

When Lufthansa asked me to do a trip to Panama, I didn’t even exactly know where it is, somewhere between North and South America I guessed. Well, I decided to go for it and explore a part of a world I never expected to be with Daniel Ernst (@Daniel_Ernst). 

The journey started in Frankurt with a direct flight to Panama City, only 12 hours.. Who knew that? I didn’t.

Landed in Panama, got the rental and immediately started towards the first destination, Valle de Anton. As the sun set during the drive we arrived when it was dark. But waking up early on the next morning left me speechless. 

An area completely filled with trees and hills, wherever you look. A 360 degrees view of lush rainforests and beautiful sunshine. Such a great escape from those cold, wet and grey November days in Germany. 

It doesn’t took us to long till we started our first hike. A friend I knew from Instagram Luis (@Lzamorav) joined us for a day and helped us finding spots high up in the jungle.

After two days in Valle de Anton we drove on the Panaamerica Highway up North/West to our second destination, Boquete. Wonderful little city surrounded by mountains, vulcanos, rivers and of course the endless jungles. Once we arrived there we got welcomed by our local guide Oscar, who showed us some of his favorite places in Chirique. Chirique is a province located on the west coast of Panama. 

First adventure lead us up the highest point of Panama, Vulcano Baru. You can either hike up which takes about 13 hours or you take a Jeep. Yes, a Jeep up the Vulcano. That’s what we did and it only took us around 2 hours. Of course, no road is leading up there, it’s a 100% off-road ride and you need a special vehicle for that. The tour is starting from Boquete and you start early, so don’t miss the sunrise on top. Once we arrived we got treated with some amazing views over the whole area of Chirique. You’re even able to see the Atlantic an Pacific Ocean lying underneath your feet at the same time. 

And from the highest peak of Panama we went to the highest waterfall of Panama, mighty Kiki waterfall. Around 100m high and again a quite interesting off road ride. But our guide Oscar, took as safely towards the destination where we met some local farmers. Packed with ropes and rain jackets we channeled us a way through the deep jungle and got amazed be the size of Kiki. By using ropes we made it to the bottom of the waterfall. Not even 5 minutes next to waterfall we got completely soaked. We didn’t mind at all and even jumped into it to escape from the tropical heat. Guess there’s no better places to take a dip, right?

Highlight of our trip was a crazy sunrise helicopter ride over Panama City and the jungles next to it. As I’m living close to Frankfurt I’m used to see the Skyline of Frankfurt. Once I saw Panama City I was quite suprised by size of this city and the amount of skyscrapers.

It was my first time in central America, I had no idea about the culture, food or even the language. Roughly 6 years ago I learned spanish in school, just because I had too. But I’m still able to speak a few words, the basics I would say. But even without any knowledge about spanish you are able to communicate in some way with the friendly local people.  


Thanks again to Lufthansa for having me! Such an amazing experience I haven't expected. 

#VisitPanama #ReDiscoverTheWorld


Hannes Becker