Iceland x Olympus


More then 5 years ago I started with photography, accidentally I would say. I bought my first smartphone and snapped photos from my daily life and from the area around me.
But I didn’t just snapped them I also uploaded them on Instagram. Instagram? No one really knew about this app and I actually downloaded it just for fun.

What started as fun quickly turned into something more serious. After improving my smartphone photography skills by almost shooting everyday, I got my very first job offer. At this point it was about time to get a proper camera and I decided to buy the Olympus OM-D E-M10 . Small, durable and affordable.

The Olympus got my little companion on my travels and even during my daily routine.

And now 3 years later I had the opportunity as one of the first to try the new OM-D E-M10 Mark III. My last trip to Iceland took me to one of the most diverse and interesting countries I have ever been, a place where you can experience glaciers next to vulcanos and with its harsh conditions it was the perfect place to test the new camera.

Here are some impressions: 


The camera is the 3rd version of the EM-10 which got introduced back in 2014. No matter if the conditions are bright and sunny or grey and moody the small micro four thirds sensor offers top notch quality.
What I love about the camera is the retro look. It’s stylish design and solid-feeling body are just so pleasing. During my trip in Iceland the camera performed really well, the weight comes in handy while you are hiking. With 380 grams you almost forget that you are carrying a camera.
And back home it was fun to play around with the RAW files. A high dynamic range offers lot of potential in your post production. Or you just use the inbuilt wifi while you are traveling. With this feature you can import photos to a smartphone and easily share them with friends or on your social media. 


I recommend this camera for everyone who wants to get into photography, like I did some years ago. It’s a joy to shoot with and I'm sure you will love it. 
Or to everyone who so looking for a lightweight and also durable back up camera for your travels. Features and performance will be sufficient to keep experienced users happy. 

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Hannes Becker