New Zealand with the Huawei Mate10 Pro

Last month a dream came true, New Zealand. Since I watched the Lord of the Rings when I was a kid I knew that someday I have to visit this beautiful country at the other side of the world. I took my little companion the Huawei Mate10 Pro with and this blog is dedicated to show some impressions of New Zealand taken with that device.

It’s a long journey so I decided to have a stop in Hongkong for a couple of days. Switching from mountains to skyscrapers, from vast landscapes to narrow streets and from being alone in the wild to being surrounded by thousands of people in small place was definitely quite a challenge. But I got used to it pretty quickly.



After 5 days strolling through Hongkong I finally boarded to my last flight on my way to New Zealand. Along with a couple of friends the roadtrip started, 3 weeks living on the road and exploring the stunning landscapes of the South Island. I was finally back in my happy place and pretty stoked about my first hike and camp. With me of course my Huawei Mate10 Pro.


During long hikes our overnight camps or even just on the road, a long battery life is something really necessary. The Mate10 Pro offers that, fully charged you have enough power for about two days. It’s actually more impressive when you’re not using it, the Standby life keeps going and going and so you are even able to have power for a week. 


With its wide aperture of f.1/6 and optical image stabilization it's perfect for shooting in low light conditions. The tent image above is shot with f.1/6, Iso 50 and 1/100 of a second. It features the widest aperture of any phone camera out there.  I loved shooting with it, because I was able to shoot images after sunset when the blue hour is starting and the landscape wasn't illuminated any more. 


By shooting in Pro Mode you also have full control of the settings. Whenever you need a faster shutter speed to shoot a fast moving objects, you can easily switch between the settings and find the perfect one for your photo. The jumping shot above was shot with 1/2300 of a second. 


The Mate10 Pro shoots native RAW files, which allowed me to have my full Raw editing workflow in Lightroom. It comes in pretty handy when you can use your own camera presets for your Huawei Raw files.


New Zealand absolutely exceeded my exceptions and I'm glad I took my Huawei Mate10 Pro with to capture those amazing landscapes. All photos in this blog where taken with the Mate10 Pro and RAW.